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Shiny New Things at the 2022 SCA Expo: Highly Anticipated Releases

New coffee releases

The lights were bright, the booths were blingin’ and the crowd of 10,000+ was abuzz as the Specialty Coffee Expo returned to full form last week in Boston.

After a quieter event in New Orleans in 2021, a substantially wider cross-section of the global industry reconvened for four days of networking, education, competitions, promotions and a general celebration of all things specialty coffee.

Within the main hall of the Boston Convention Center, equipment brands new and old, big and small, displayed a variety of exciting innovations and upgrades.

Specialty Coffee Expo

Photo by Nick Brown / Daily Coffee News

In the first part of our three-part review of new equipment releases at the Expo, we take a look at some of the major releases from big names that we were aware of heading into the show but may not yet have seen up close.

Part two will highlight some major surprise releases from the show; and part three will explore some interesting and emerging startups and accessories.

Here are some of the show’s most highly anticipated product releases:

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The Synesso ES1

Synesso ES1 espresso machine 4

Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

Seattle-based Synesso revealed a dual-boiler plumbing-optional prosumer machine called the ES1, which runs on standard 110V/15amp residential power, incorporates the company’s patented MVP (Manual or Volumetric Programming) technology, has a programmable hot water spout and will soon include an advanced new feature Synesso is calling Automatic Preinfusion. (Click here for our full report.)

The Unifilter by Weber Workshops


The Weber Workshops Unifilter. Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

Winner of the Expo’s Best New Product award in the accessories category, the Unifilter by Weber Workshops combines a 58-millimeter espresso basket and portafilter into a single solid piece of precision-cut stainless steel. The exactly cylindrical “basket” area does not taper like traditional baskets, offering a true 58-millimeter area of filtration through its evenly spread array of laser-cut holes. There’s also nowhere for coffee crud to accumulate as it does in the grooves and crevices of two-piece systems. (Click here for our full report.)

Mavam MM Under Counter Superautomatic Espresso Machine


The Mavam MM under-counter super-automatic espresso system. Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

Seattle-based espresso machine company Mavam displayed its latest innovation, the Mavam MM super-automatic under-counter espresso system. Inside a 20-by-20-inch case that can be installed beneath commercial coffee bars, the MM contains a pair of 5-pound-capacity hoppers, two independent grinding systems and a single 58-millimeter brew chamber. Shots generated in this system are driven up and out through the three-button “interface” mounted on the surface of the bar. (Click here for our full report.)

Sivetz SRM15

Sivetz roaster 3

The new Sivetz roaster. Photo by Nick Brown / Daily Coffee News

An iconic name in coffee roasting has been given new life with the relaunch of the Sivetz brand and its inaugural roasting machine, the Sivetz SRM15. The machine maintains the same core air roasting methodology patented by Michael Sivetz, who passed away in 2012, within a modernized overall aesthetic including a new logo and a trapezoidal window into the roasting chamber. Primary functional deviations from classic Sivetzes include the addition of variable controls over fan speed and gas, plus an internal PID that controls the set inlet temperature. (Click here for our full report.)

El Rocio V2 Zarre Espresso Machine


The El Rocio V2 Zarre. Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

Kentucky-based coffee equipment seller Prima Coffee Equipment partnered with South Korean espresso machine manufacturer El Rocio for the design and distribution of the V2 Zarre, which initially launched late last year. The single-group, dual-boiler prosumer espresso machine includes a wired external controller that allows users to adjust the pressure of water driven to the group either manually during extraction or they can program the parameters for automated pre-infusion and extraction. (Click here for our full report.)

Roest L100 Sample Roaster

roest L100

The Roest L100. Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

Winner of the Best New Product award in category of roasting equipment and tools, the electric-powered Roest L100’s handles are composed of PTFE polymer to provide additional durability and heat resistance as compared to its predecessor, the S100. The L100 also includes the same environmental and bean temperature sensors as the S100, while adding new drum and exhaust temperature sensors, plus two more available sensor slots for a potential total of six sensors that can be fitted upon customers’ request. (Click here for our full report.)

Faema Faemina


The Faema Faemina. Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

Initially revealed by Faema last Fall, the Faemina is a single-group dual-boiler machine that allows users to set different temperatures for water issued by the group and the hot water tap. In addition to espresso, users can also place a pourover brewer under the group and then use the built-in touchscreen or dedicated phone app to automate a drip brew procedure including temperature, bloom, pause intervals, water quantities and flow rates. The drip tray can be raised, lowered or removed to accommodate different cup and cone sizes. (Click here for our full report.)