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Grind-By-Weight Etzinger etzMAX Filter Grinder Makes US Launch

Etzinger etzMAX filter coffee grinder 1

The etzMax Filter coffee grinder with grind-by-weight capability on display at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston. Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

The Etzinger etzMAX Filter coffee grinder made its official United States debut earlier this month at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, with U.S. sales of the new machines commencing this week through recently launched GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions.

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Made in Liechtenstein by Etzinger, which designs its burrs in house, the grinder has been available overseas since 2019.

Etzinger etzMAX filter coffee grinder 3

Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

The machine features Etzinger’s signature “Etzjet” system, which involves rotating the ring burr of a conical burr set, as well as an inner cone burr optimized specifically for filter coffee or other non-espresso applications.

“The etzMAX is unique in that it’s a grind-by-weight grinder for filter coffee as opposed to espresso,” GH Sales and Marketing Representative Josh Kimbrough told Daily Coffee News. “It’s perfect for automating a pourover program or streamlining the batch brew process. Speed and low retention are hallmarks of all of Christian Etzinger’s grinder designs, including this one.”

Etzinger etzMAX filter coffee grinder 4

Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

A load cell made by coffee-focused scale company Acaia is located at the base of the machine, weighing the contents of a receptacle as grounds exit in a tidy stream from the grinding chamber. Three buttons on the face of the machine can be programmed to store targets for either duration or weight.

The Etzinger etzMAX joins the Bentwood grinder, Swiss-made Tone brewers and other new technology in the lineup offered by GH, which prioritizes the introduction of novel and previously unavailable equipment to the U.S. market.

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“There’s a lot that takes place behind the scenes before we commit to a project and announce a partnership,” Kimbrough said. “[We] visit each factory to see how and why things are done. We have a coffee lab and we often invite our local, trusted coffee pros to come test machines with us before launches. We’ll also place equipment in cafes to see how baristas and cafe owners and customers are liking a new technology as well. So, there is a process. And we know that we are going to stand by the product after the sale, so testing and serviceability and quality is important to us.”

Etzinger burrs

Burrs at the Etzinger manufacturing facility in Lichtenstein. Courtesy photo by Travis Jones.

GH plans to support the etzMAX with a complete selection of parts and accessories, including different inner cone burrs, different hopper sizes and a rack for storing multiple coffee-filled hoppers for easy swap-outs at working coffee bars.

The Etzinger etzMAX Filter is available now via GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions for $2,950.00.

Etzinger etzMAX filter coffee grinder 2

Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

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