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New Home Coffee Brewers at the 2023 SCA Expo

2023 new manual brewers

Fast, slow, heavy, light, pointy, flat — manual coffee brewers of all shapes and sizes were on display at the recent 2023 SCA Expo in Portland, Oregon.

We learned about more than a dozen new and upcoming pourover brewing devices that either launched for sale last week or are poised to hit the market this year. There were also some exciting new entries for home espresso enthusiasts.

Here’s a quick look at some of the home brewers in bloom at the Expo. (See DCN’s complete 2023 SCA Expo coverage here):

Odyssey Espresso ArgosLever

The Odyssey Espresso Argos. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Odyssey Espresso Argos

Denver-based startup Odyssey Espresso exhibited its Argos manual lever espresso machine, which was paired with the new Zerno Z1 grinder.

The lever-operated group of the Argos can be either spring-assisted or fully manual, with two different spring options available for different pressures of water upon the coffee. See more on the Argos machine here.


The Ceado Hoop brewer. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Ceado Hoop

Grinder-maker Ceado introduced its first ever piece of equipment for brewing ground coffee. It’s a manual pourouver device called the Hoop.

Water added to outer ring of the Hoop seeps through holes in the brewer’s central cylinder, allowing for a zero-bypass “lateral infusion” to occur. DCN will have more on this release soon.


A lineup of Cerrapotta brewers. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Cerapotta Ceramic Coffee Filter

A new brand of Japanese porous ceramic coffee filtration equipment called Cerapotta has launched in the United States with an eponymous pourover brewer.

The company said its proprietary ceramic composition is unlike others in the field. The elegant and steeply angled piece requires no paper to effectively filter the grounds from a manual drip brew. DCN will have more info on Cerapotta soon.

Etkin 2-Cup Dripper

The Etkin 2-Cup Dripper. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Etkin 2-Cup Dripper

Etkin Design, based in Turkey and Louisville, Kentucky, used its booth to show off the follow-up to its original 8-cup Etkin Dripper.

The smaller Etkin 2-Cup Dripper is equally as hardy as its predecessor, with dual-walled porcelain construction. The Etkin 2-Cup Dripper currently has over a week remaining on its fully funded Kickstarter campaign.

AeroPress XL, Premium, Clear

Aeropress XL, Premium and Clear brewers. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Aeropress Clear, XL and Premium

The Aeropress company offered sneak peeks of three highly anticipated coming attractions: the transparent Tritan plastic AeroPress Clear; the supersized Aeropress XL; and the Aeropress Premium, made from glass, stainless steel and aluminum for tactile satisfaction and an aesthetic worthy of kitchen counter display.

The Clear is slated to launch this Spring for $49.95. The other two will roll out one at a time before the end of the year. We’ll have more about these brewers as they launch.

NextLevel Pulsar

The NextLevel Pulsar. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

NextLevel Pulsar

One of the earlier entrants to the zero-bypass field of manual pourover brewing equipment, NextLevel Coffee Co. is now focused on the launch of its NextLevel Pulsar, another zero-bypass brewer featuring an integrated valve.

Brewing with the drain valve closed or open shifts the format from full immersion to percolation or any subtle shade in between. We’ll have more on this brewer soon.


The xBloom machine. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

The xBloom

San Francisco Bay Area-based TBDx has launched retail sales of the xBloom, a high-tech automated pourover brewing system. The xBloom includes an integrated, low-retention 48-millimeter conical burr grinder and a proprietary whole-bean packaging format called Xpods.

Users scan a pod to download grinding and brewing parameters set by professionals, pour in the beans, and the machine handles the rest. Read more about the xBloom and TBDx here.

Coulee Vpak brewer

A Coulee Vpak. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Coulée Coffee Vpak and Filter Stand

A pair of scientific equipment engineers have debuted a new company called Coulée Coffee and its inaugural products, a filter stand and a single-cup pourover filter pouch called Vpak.

The brand also introduced Coulée Swirl machines that automate the VPak pourover process (more info on the latter will appear in our forthcoming coverage of commercial brewers at the Expo). DCN will have more on Coulée Coffee soon.


A Hario Baton brewer. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Hario Baton and Zebrang

Japan-based manual brewing equipment mainstay Hario debuted the Baton and Flat, two new lines of manual brewing gear at the Expo.

The bioplastic Baton brewers are composed of recycled plastic mixed with organic materials, including spent coffee grounds.

Hario Flat Zebrang

Hario/Zebrang Flat brewers. Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Under its own brand name of Zebrang, the ultralight, backpacker-oriented Flat line of brewing tools by Hario includes a bean canister, pourover pitcher, hand grinder, and a V60 filter holder made from thin silicone that perches on a polypropylene holder. The cone and holder lay flat when not in use. 

Miir New Standard Carafe

The Miir New Standard Carafe.

Miir New Standard Carafe

Following a Kickstarter campaign that pulled in just over $113,000 portable drinkware maker Miir launched retail sales of a line of brewing equipment called New Standard.

The New Standard Carafe is essentially an all-metal Chemex-style manual pourover brewer and container made from durable and insulated stainless steel. DCN will have more on this new line soon. 

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated. The original version incorrectly stated that the xBloom built-in grinder has 47-millimeter burrs. The machine has 48-millimeter burrs.]

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