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In 2023, the Buzz Surrounding Roasting Equipment was Electric

new coffee roasters 2023

If there was one element of the commercial roasting equipment industry that was absolutely on fire this year, it was the one that was literally not on fire: electric heat. 

As we continue our 2023 Year in Review, nearly every story below focuses on new all-electric roasting equipment. Machines that range in capacity from 50 grams up to 12 kilograms entered the market in 2013, significantly widening the field of options for users seeking to avoid fossil fuels. 

Meanwhile the gas-fueled roasters that did enter the mix of releases we reported on this year were generally compact models that aim for portability and efficiency. 

As 2023 hits the cooling tray, here’s a look back at the year in roaster equipment news:

Commercial Roasting Equipment

Probat Rolls Out its Largest Electric Roaster to Date, the P12 E


Probat courtesy photo.

The company’s latest global release is the P12 E, which represents the company’s largest-capacity all-electric-powered roaster to date. The P12 E follows last year’s global launch of the smaller P05 E, and the more recent launch of the all-electric P01 sample roaster, which permanently replaced the long-running Probatino… read more

US Roaster Corp’s Latest Revelation is the All-Electric F16

Available either as an all-electric machine or as a gas/electric hybrid, the F16 includes a built-in electric catalytic converter for smoke and odor purification, freeing the machine from the need for an afterburner… read more

Coffee Crafters Kicks Off New Roaster Line with the Valenta-7

The machine’s streamlined and customizable aesthetic offers a clear distinction from the shiny steel cylinders of Coffee Crafters’ previous models, while on the inside the Valenta-7 delivers technology and a roasting chamber design that are totally new to the brand… read more

Primo Roasting Equipment Rolls Out New 3- and 5-Kilo Roasters


Primo Roasting Equipment courtesy photo.

California-based Primo Roasting Equipment has reinvented the two smallest models in its commercial coffee roaster line with loads of new features and a more specific focus on portability and small-business usage. Both machines run on 110-volt power and can be fueled by common barbecue-style 20-pound propane canisters or natural gas lines. Both also come with the option of wheeled stands for different uses… read more

Swiss Startup Mikafi Reveals the IoT-Driven MikafiOne Electric Roaster

Designed for small-batch commercial applications, the machine comes integrated with an IoT platform designed specifically to ensure quality and improve efficiency for operators in cafe, restaurant, hospitality or office settings… read more

Mill City Roasters Launches 2-Kilo Electric Roaster, the MCR-2E


Mill City Roasters courtesy photo.

Minneapolis-based roasting equipment maker Mill City Roasters has launched the MCR-2E, the company’s largest and most advanced electric-heat roaster to date. The 2-kilo-capacity MCR-2E pairs UL-listed 5,000 watt heating elements with a precision-laser-cut single-wall steel drum manufactured by Mill City in Minneapolis… read more

Nano and Sample Roasting


Roest courtesy photo.

Roest Unveils Control Upgrades, Plans 3-Kilo P3000 Launch

Norwegian coffee roasting equipment maker Roest (formerly Røst) has launched new digital tools for its sample roasting machines.

The company has also announced a capacity upgrade for its forthcoming commercial-size roaster, the P3000, which replaces the P2000 concept introduced last yearread more

New Ikawa Pro100x Sample Roaster Takes Fresh Approach to First Crack

Moisture data is used as the pivotal metric in the Pro100x’s new automatic first-crack detection system. Ikawa suggests moisture is a more precise and objective measurement than sound or other observation, as its release more directly and consistently indicates a physical change occurring on the inside of the bean… read more

The Nucleus Link Portable Sample Roaster is Coming to the US


Nucleus Coffee Tools courtesy photo.

Built upon a foundation of hardware and technology laid by the recently launched Kaffelogic Nano 7 home roaster, the Link adds a variety of features designed to appeal to green coffee buyers wanting to roast samples while traveling. The Link maintains a capacity of 50-100 grams… read more

Other Production Roastery Developments


Daily Coffee News photo by Howard Bryman.

Oktober Model 8-H Can Seamer Gives Roasted Specialty Coffee a Spin

Targeting smaller specialty coffee companies whose production levels fall shy of what’s often required for industrial canning, the Oktober Design Model 8-H is a compact, plug-and-play solution designed for front or back-of-house operations at coffee shops and roasteries… read more

Coffee Equipment Pros Launches for New and Used Roasting Equipment

With a focus on the United States market and a physical headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, CEPros online marketplace supports its own sales of new equipment while also providing a platform connecting buyers and sellers of used production equipment… read more

Mill City Roasters Launches RoastPath Software and Sharing Platform

Core features of the RoastPath (styled by the company as RoastPATH) software include importable and exportable roast profiles, local storage of roast profiles, real time “live roast” sharing between users and green coffee data. The software is augmented by a peer-reviewed community forumread more