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Black Rifle Coffee Company Joins the New York Stock Exchange

Black Rifle Coffee logo

Black Rifle Coffee Company logo. Businesswire press photo.

San Antonio, Texas, and Salt Lake City-based Black Rifle Coffee Company has officially gone public, with founder Evan Hafer ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning.

Prior to the public debut, the rapidly growing coffee company was acquired through a SPAC deal, the formation of a merged company with no operations that is designed to raise capital leading into an IPO. The merger with SilverBox Engaged Merger Corp was expected to deliver $150 million in proceeds to BRCC to immediately accelerate growth.

In a press release, Black Rifle said the NYSE debut will help it towards a goal of hiring 10,000 United States military veterans.

BRCC has built a customer base while promoting a fiercely pro-gun, pro-military, pro-America and veteran-supportive brand identity, catering to consumers with coffee blends bearing names such as AK Espresso, Silencer Smooth and Freedom Roast.

The company, which doubles as a lifestyle brand through political messaging, a podcast and print magazine, says it is “built upon the mission to serve coffee and culture to people who love America.”

Touting itself as a political foil to Starbucks, the company has also strategically echoed the messaging of the MAGA crowd with products bearing sayings such as “Make Coffee Great Again,” or “Coffee or Die” next to a cut snake.

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Black Rifle focuses on direct-to-consumer sales and distribution to specialty grocers and specialty retailers such as gun shops. The company recently has been investing in company-operated and franchise retail locations.

In an appearance on Fox News a day before the coffee company’s public debut, BRCC founder Hafer said the company planned to double its advertising budget for Joe Rogan’s Spotify podcast, which is embroiled in controversy due to the host’s past use of the N-word and well-publicized peddling of COVID-19 conspiracy theories and misinformation.




Getting in on the grift, it’s the conservative pastime! I guess this is where politics and capitalism collide to form some kind of cannibalistic parasitic symbiote. Can I suggest “Good to the last Q drop” as a slogan? It will really resonate with the boomers watching fox and listening to that exciting Joe Rogan fellow.


I love Black Rifle Coffee! It taste even better when watching Fox and listening to Joe Rogan ….. You should try a subscription. Be Happy.

Martha Kantor

Wow – some people are just angry. Cole; you’re certainly eloquent. And Jake, yes I’m proud to be a boomer but I’ve never listened to Joe Rogan. I do however, sometimes watch FOX, as well as CNN. I’m also a 22 year female Navy vet, have a concealed carry license, carry a 9mm and am most definitely pro-America. Black Rifle is the best coffee I’ve ever had – step away from Starbucks for a day and try it!


Whatever the patriotic vibe is, it’s really fresh, deliciously smooth coffee. There’s no bitter taste, ever—best coffee I’ve had in a very long time.

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