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Nespresso Pledges Complete Carbon Neutrality by 2022


Nespresso coffee capsules. “Nespresso” by Mario Spann is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Nestlé-owned capsule coffee giant Nespresso has pledged to make “every cup of Nespresso coffee” carbon neutral by 2022, promising reduced carbon emissions throughout its supply chain along with offsetting.

The Switzerland-based company — which toes the blurry corporate coffee line by being so large it has conceded to the possibility of instances of child labor in its supply chain while also progressively advocating for small-scale farmers in other areas — said the carbon neutrality commitment is part of a broader sustainability effort that will be “communicated” later this year.

Nespresso, whose “Reviving Origins” program already underway involves an investment of 10 million Swiss francs (approximately $10.9 million USD) in various coffee-growing regions that are rebounding from conflict, has not shared the costs associated with its environmental sustainability initiative.

The company also did not make clear if, how or by whom such sustainability efforts might be audited or verified, nor did it shed any light on its own carbon footprint, which outside of coffee production and shipping includes the production of plastic machines and single-serve pods that are non-biodegradable.

If we are to take Nespresso’s word for it, the company is working toward carbon neutrality through three focus areas: 1) carbon emissions reduction in its own supply chain through renewable energy at retail locations, the use of biogas in manufacturing, and the use of recycled plastic and virgin aluminum in its coffee machines and pods, respectively; 2) planting trees on and around coffee farms with project partner Pur Project; and 3) investments in offsetting initiatives that promote things like forest conservation and restoration and clean energy solutions in farming communities.

“Climate change is a reality and our future depends on going further and faster on our sustainability commitments,” Nespresso CEO Guillaume Le Cunff said in a company announcement this morning. “That is why we are accelerating our commitments to offer our consumers a way to drink a carbon neutral cup of coffee by 2022. A coffee, made from the finest and rarest beans, sustainably sourced. I truly believe that both our business and the coffee industry can be a force for good in the world by tackling this pressing issue.”


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Hmmmm I find myself sondering WHY they would go to such great ;engths to put less carbon dioxide into the air, when the carbon molecules in that CO2 are the very building blocks plants MUST HAVE in order to build plant mass, which insludes the desired seed, in thecase of the coffee plant, which is the reason they are growing the plant in the first place. No seed, no coffee in their cute little carbon intense throwway single-cup pods. Somewhere along the line there is a disconnect……

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