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Weekly Coffee News: Tom Hanks Coffee, a Peet’s Union Push and More

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Hanx Coffee

Tom Hanks Launches Coffee Brand with a Cause

Actor Tom Hanks is the founder of a new company called Hanx Coffee. All profits go to organizations that support veterans and military families. Ground coffee, pods and instant coffee sticks are among the products available for sale online via subscriptions or single purchases.

Digital Coffee Future Wraps Up Pilot Program Involving 20 Cooperatives

The firm Digital Coffee Future has completed a pilot program of its own design called Digital Origin Education Program, The pilot involved two different online courses in September and October, involving 20 cooperatives from Central America and collaboration with GIZ and HRNS.

NuZee Inc. and Nostalgia Coffee Roasters Launch 2.5-Ounce Packs for Wholesale

Coffee co-packing company NuZee Inc. and Nostalgia Coffee Roasters will be are partnering to launch 2.5-ounce packs for wholesale customers. With a newly opened coffee shop in San Diego and the development of single-serve brew bags, Nostalgia Coffee Roasters has grown rapidly in the office coffee segment. Texas-based NuZee also this year acquired the single-serve pourover maker DripKit.

Peet’s Coffee Workers Make Move to Unionize

Workers from one of the largest coffee chains in the United States have launched a campaign to unionize. Leaders at two Peet’s Coffee locations in Davis, California, say they have near unanimous support for the move from workers. There are more than 300 locations of the California-based chain across the nation. The move comes amid a wave of unionization efforts throughout the coffee industry, notably including Starbucks.

Victoria Arduino Adds New Base Model to Mythos Grinder Line

Victoria Arduino, part of the Simonelli Group family of Italian espresso equipment brands, has launched a new base model called MYONE. The new model joins an existing lineup of four other grinders in the Mythos line. The new base model touts 75-mm burrs and a TFT display with capacity keys.

Sucafina Acquires Majority Stake in TB Brown

Multinational coffee trading company Sucafina has acquired a majority stake in the instant coffee company TB Brown. Sucafina also recently announced an in-house sustainability program called “Impact.”

Brazil Has New National Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters Winners

Brazil has announced the names of two competitors going to the World Coffee Championships in Athens, Greece. Garam Um from Um Coffee Co. in São Paulo will compete in the Brewers Cup Championship and José Naves of Nutrade from Varginha will compete in the Cup Tasters Championship. The world events take place June 22-24. 

Webinar Leading into World Coffee Championships Rules Changes

The volunteer Competitions Strategic Committee for the Specialty Coffee Association’s World Coffee Championships is hosting a webinar ahead of the 2023 WCC Rules & Regulations releases. You can learn about their work and provide feedback at the webinar on Dec. 15. Register here.

Krunchy Dream is Russia’s Latest Coffee Trademark Nightmare

A new business called Krunchy Dream has opened its doors in Russia after donut giant Krispy Kreme suspended all shipments to the country amid the war in Ukraine, Reuters reports. Several imitation brands have popped up in Russia as their Western counterparts have eliminated their presence in the Russian market, including Stars Coffee following the exit of Starbucks

Lavazza Acquiring French Online Retailer MaxiCoffee

Italian coffee brand Lavazza has announced a binding offer to buy the French company MaxiCoffee, which specializes in online sales of roasted coffee and home brewing and espresso equipment. Lavazza also recently renewed its sponsorship of the U.S. Open through 2025.

USDA report Shows Lower Estimated Brazilian Coffee Production

A recent USDA report announced that the Agricultural Trade Office (ATO)/Sao Paulo revised Brazilian coffee production down 1.7 million bags from the previous estimate to 62.6 million bags due to lower Arabica output. The report notes that in the domestic market, coffee prices remain steadily strong, and this estimate is still up by 4.5 million bags relative to the last crop.

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