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Wrapping Up Our 2022 Year in Review: Let’s Talk About Labor


Since its inception to today, the coffee industry has relied upon the labor of poorly paid workers in countries in which coffee is grown, in order to deliver roasted beans and brews to consumers at prices they find amenable.

While this fact tends to be conveniently ignored by most consumers and coffee corporations alike, it was in 2022 that the topic of labor in the coffee industry bubbled up to the surface in the world’s wealthiest country: the United States.

Organized labor was indeed the story of the year in the coffee industry, where a confluence of political, cultural and pandemic-fueled events resulted in new movements towards workers’ empowerment and attitudes.

The highest-profile example of this, of course, is with the world’s largest coffee chain, Starbucks, where a landmark court decision in 2021 allowed workers to pursue unionization for individual stores. Yet 2022 saw the movement move squarely into the specialty coffee retail and roasting realm, with unionization efforts at smaller regional chains such as Colectivo Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Heine Bros. Coffee, Peace Coffee and many more.

Starbucks strike Madison

Starbucks workers striking outside a unionized Store on the State Capitol Square in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Daily Coffee News photo.

Interestingly, the year also saw the specialty coffee industry’s first unionized chain, Gimme! Coffee, transition into a worker-owned cooperative following dissatisfaction with its union representation. Iowa’s Morning Bell Coffee also successfully achieved the worker-owned model after workers there first explored organizing.

Time will tell how this period of reckoning in coffee retail labor will affect workers as well as some cash-strapped owners/operators, as “yes to union” votes transition into contract negotiations and, ultimately, ratified contacts.

What is clear is that the labor movement in U.S. coffee retail remains largely detached from the broader social and economic sustainability conversation in the coffee industry, where the world’s approximately 12.5 million smallholder farmers continue their collective struggle towards profitability. Meanwhile, often by virtue of necessity, large and small producers alike continue to rely on the cheap labor of the industry’s most vulnerable actors: farmworkers.

In this sense, there remains an industry-wide negligence on the issue of labor. 


Courtesy photo.

Some of these issues were eloquently addressed this year by guest authors who explored the economic plight of farmworkers, labor shortages and the risks such issues present to the coffee industry.

Also this year, guest columnists began to deconstruct the concept of sustainability in coffee while attempting to discern what is meaningful economic sustainability in coffee.

Yet other authors highlighted the discrepancy between the U.S. coffee industry and the economic issues in coffee’s countries of origin while declaring that the specialty industry stands upon an unsustainable foundation of double standards

One importer representative simply put forth a series of questions that sustainability-minded roasters should ask their coffee suppliers.

We also featured columnists who addressed the coffee industry’s pressing climate-related dilemmas while offering some practical solutions such as improving soil health and promoting agroforestry systems.


Photo courtesy of Soil Symbiotics.

All told, DCN published 624 stories this year from dozens of authors. We’d like to express our genuine gratitude to all the folks who contributed to our virtual pages for their expertise and their willingness to put their big ideas into words.

And from the very bottom of our hearts, we’d also like to thank all the readers who took time out of their days to read DCN in 2022. We sincerely hope it was worthwhile, and please let us know if it wasn’t.

As we finally lay 2022 to rest, here it is in a nutshell.

— Nick Brown, Editor

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